Also referred to as CFU (Central Focused Ultrasound). We are absolutely loving the results that can be achieved with our new HIFU Renova!


Our HIFU Renova machine is the latest technology in non-surgical face lifts and skin firming available, straight out of Italy. Traditional HIFU can be time consuming and be painful, our HIFU Renova (CFU) is the opposite of that!


The HIFU Renova is a central focused ultrasound that is delivered into the skin all the way to the SMAS layer which is just above the muscle.

Traditional Non-surgical skin firming treatments like RF do not work to that depth, therefore HIFU is a far superior treatment. If you want the ultimate skin firming without going under the knife and results that last, then HIFU is for you.


The HIFU Renova treats:

– Skin Laxity
– Heavy Jowls
– Jawline to tighten and lift
– Collagen & Elastin loss: In face, neck & body
– Blurred neck contours
– Post baby belly

– 1 Treatment required (2 in rare cases)
– It doesn’t hurt
– Results continue for 3-6 months post treatment
– Results last up to 2 years


Throat & Neck lift $850

Chin & Jaw $550
Cheek Lift $850
Brow & Forehead $850
Full Face $1250
Full Face & Neck $1800



Areas from $850- $1200
Arm Lift
Inner Thigh Lift
Tummy Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift



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