WINTER Newsletter

WINTER Newsletter

Welcome to the ‘Skin by Jessica Luise’ WINTER newsletter.

We welcome Kessie!

Kessie is an Internationally Trained Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Russian Volume Eyelash Extension technician, and Brow Specialist! Kessie does complimentary consultations and strives to give all her clients the best desired result!

Kessie is also a trainer for eyelash extensions if you would like to become an eyelash extension technician.

Aimee is back from maternity leave!!!

We are sooo excited as we know you all would be too!

Eliza is now a qualified Beauty Therapist!!!

Eliza is one of our most cherished therapists

Congratulations Eliza we are sooo sooo proud of you.

Dr Zac is still coming every 3rd Tuesday!

Delivering awesome results for our clients and appears on Channel 9 & 7 morning shows regularly.

If you have ever wondered about Botox or Filler etc, book to come in and have a complimentary consultation with Dr Zac.

New Treatments

• Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is becoming the most popular treatment if you are looking for perfect tailored eyebrows.

Microblading is a form of Tattooing utilizing a blade to finely insert hair strokes into the skin giving you a natural and perfect enhancement or correction.

The Ultimate in brow perfection

Why not call to have a complimentary consultation?

• Dermafrac is here!

A new and amazing treatment combining 3 different modalities to help correct your skin concerns-

1 – Microdermabrasion

2 – Skin Needling whilst infusing
treatment serums

3 – Finished with LED lights to encourage healing and cellular activity

Dermafrac has no down time and is non-invasive unlike other needling treatments

Great for the treatment of: Pigmentation,

scaring, fine lines and wrinkles and over all skin rejuvenation

• Russian Volumn Eyelash Extentions

These are not your normal eyelash extentions!

They are soft, stunning, and perfect for framing your eyes.


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