Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Welcome to the ‘Skin by Jessica Luise’ SPRING newsletter.

Ah, spring is here and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than cosying up in bed with a nice cup of joe, but the beach is where I want to be and thank goodness summer is just around the corner.

Speaking of the warmer months ahead, we need to talk about getting your skin care right before the heat starts mucking up all your hard work over winter. We enter a whole new game when we care for our skin during the summer. No longer are we worried about dry, flaky skin. Now the name of the game is adequate protection and hydration!

Here are my top tips to get skin ready for the warmth!

1/Facial Cleanser

Spring and summer is the time when dirt, oils, and sunscreen tend to clog our pores, so cleansing everyday is a must. Make sure to use a hydrating cleanser to maximise that spring-time glow and prevent any drying out.


Exfoliating is necessary year round, but in the spring and summer it is important to exfoliate more often. Try exfoliating with your favorite scrub,enzyme or hydrating exfoliant at least once or twice a week during this time of year.

3/Visit Skin By Jessica Luise

There are some skin care treatments that you just can’t get right at home. Trusting the professionals at SKIN is important and can really give your skin a head start this spring and summer. Why not try a microdermabrasion or deeply hydrate your skin with a specialised facial.

4/Get The Right Products

While you are in the salon, make sure to ask which products are best for your skin type. Our favourite products come from the Aspect Skin Range, which are perfect for this time of year.

* Remember to use SPF50+


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