Our therapists are here to answers all the questions you may have before, during or after your visit. Here are some of the frequent questions we get asked at the clinic:



A: If you want to look younger, tighten your skin and smooth your facial and neck contours through non-operative and non-invasive ways, this is the treatment for you.
The RF Non-Surgical Facelift is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment that is completely safe for your skin. In fact, the medical-grade machine is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association.
The machine utilises a bipolar radio frequency probe that is run over the skin. The radio frequency is delivered into the skin, which increases blood flow, heats and shrinks fibrous tissues and stimulates collagen production. An instant result can be seen after one session and the firming action and collagen production can continue up to six months past the course of the treatment.
Extremely comfortable and pain-free, this treatment can also benefit other parts of the body. Great results are seen when treating post baby tummy and loose skin left behind from weight loss.

Alternatively, fractional radio frequency can also be used for non- surgical face lifts. It uses a grid-like probe with metal pins that deliver the frequency into the skin (the pins are not sharp and do not enter the skin). Where the pins touch, it sends slight trauma to the tissue causing only trauma to that section and leaving the other sections of the tissue untouched. Again, the skin goes into a healing and rebuilding response.

Overall, the difference is that bipolar radio frequency causes trauma to the overall collagen and fractional radio frequency causes trauma to the collagen in small sections. Fractional radio frequency can be used closer to the eye area and over the larynx and thyroid, where the bi polar radio frequency cannot.

For a treatment that would best suit you, a consultation is recommended to determine which machine is suitable for the results you desire.


A: Permanent Hair Reduction with the Super Hair Removal is pain-free and super fast! Imagine: no more shaving, waxing, hair removal creams or in-grown hairs!

For maximum results, we recommend a minimum course of 8 treatments, after 8 treatments we re access and see if anymore treatments are required. This hair removal system is used to treat a wide variety of skin types with outstanding results, including some success in the treatment of lighter hair.


A: Also called non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. It uses medical grade tips to abrade the upper most layers of the skin, to reveal a smoother, brighter, firmer and clearer complexion. A great treatment for scarring, acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, as well as dull and sallow skins. Micro can also be combined with any other skin treatment for maximum results.


Infusing active vitamins and antioxidants for superior results, our treatment facials are very relaxing and include: Lymphatic face, neck and décolletage massage, hands, shoulders and scalp massage.


A: The latest Technology in skin rejuvenation, Laser Tech utilises light and energy to address most skin conditions whether it be fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, vascular damage, pigmentation, acne and scarring. Super Skin Rejuvenation is a ‘result based’ treatment.

For Super Skin Rejuvenation you can expect your skin will progressively become more radiant. It will also show improved tone and texture. Reduction in the amount of pigment and small red capillaries will become more noticeable. Acne will start to clear and pore size will reduce, with an overall improvement in skin texture and clarity.


A: Here at skin we access your skin to determine what condition it is in and what we need to do to treat your concerns. In a lot of the cases we will incorporate a skin treatment peel into a salon treatment program.

Peels do not have to be aggressive in fact we use progressive peels in the clinic.

Peels are designed to exfoliate the skin using Acids and Enzymes rather than a physical scrub. Using peels can also be a great way to infuse active antioxidants and treat a range of skin conditions such as acne, fine lines, Pigmentation and dull dehydrated skin.


A: A fantastic way to target stubborn unwanted fatty areas. An Ultrasonic probe is used to create ultrasonic waves to penetrate the fatty layer targeting and destroying fat cells, liquefying the cells and expelling the fat via the lymphatic system.

5-10 treatments are recommended however results will be evident after each treatment.

Before and after photo’s will be taken to track progress.

This is a 3 step process in the one treatment-

1st the ultrasound is used.

2nd we use the Radio frequency hand piece to help create further heat and help to rebuild the collagen in the skin.

3rd we use a hand held vacuum device to help expel the fat to the lymphatic system.

After your treatment with us it is recommended to-

Avoid High fat/ High Carbohydrate foods

Increase your water intake if you are not drinking around 8 glasses a day

Do some light exercise

Eat green leafy vegetables

Drink Green tea


A: The DermaFrac™ treatment is a new approach to skin care that combines well researched and documented procedures. A DermaFrac™ treatment punctures the skin with very small stainless steel tips, these tips enter into the skin to a depth that is ideal for producing positive natural responses. Combining this with simultaneous infusion of serums is what makes the treatment unique. Not only does DermaFrac™ encourage the body’s natural responses but the serums are delivered to the ideal depth in the skin for maximum absorption and effect.

DermaFrac™ treatments are safe and effective for all skin types. There are serums suitable for a variety of skin conditions such as:

Anti-Ageing – A cocktail of peptides ideal for the ageing skin.

Hydration – Infuses hyaluronic acid into the skin, “super” hydration of the skin occurs.

Lightening – kojic acid is used to even out hyperpigmentation.

Clarify – Lactic and salicylic helps to control breakouts.

The DermaFrac™ Treatment has several therapies combined, the small channels that are created stimulate the body to heal, and the transportation of active serums into the skin increases absorption and effectiveness over other topical serum applications. The DermaFrac™ may include additional treatments such as microdermabrasion and LED therapy.

Treatments can and will be customised depending on the skin condition to be treated. After the skin evaluation and consultation, any of the treatment modalities within the DermaFrac™ treatment options can be selected.